Brindle Bowl Hong Kong Pairs Knockout

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World Bowls Rules will apply where not covered below:-

  1. Games are played over 21 ends. Dead ends to be replayed (see 5 Below)
  2. In the event of a tie after 21 ends an extra end shall be played. Skips toss for the mat
  3. Two trial ends (maximum 4 bowls per end per player)
  4. Bowls to be played in the 2/4/2 format
    i.e. Let us call the players of each team A and B - On the first end players A of each side send two bowls each alternatively, just as if they were playing leads in a fours game. All four players then crossover and players B of each side send FOUR bowls alternatively. All four players then crossover again and players A send alternatively their last two bowls. When all players have delivered their bowls shots are decided as normal.
    On the second end the same procedure is followed however because player B is at the jack end it is now player B who sends the jack and the first two bowls with player A sending the next 4 bowls and finally player B sending the last 2 bowls. Thus playing odd ends player A both leads and skips and on even ends player B both leads and skips.
  5. Dead ends. No penalty is to be evoked
    Dead ends are to be replayed as in normal bowls and the two teams are to decide which direction to play. If they agree to replay it in a different direction from which it started then no problem, but if they decide to replay it from the end where the jack is (or was) the players A and B on both sides change over such that, players A always deliver the jack on odd numbered ends and players B on even numbered ends



The Brindle Bowl although a pairs competition is played on a slightly different format with each of the two players of the team taking it in turns to lead and skip. The first player bowls two woods, the second player bowls all four woods and then the first player bowls their last two woods. A very interesting format.

Photo 2020 Brindle Bowl Finalists

Previous Results


2019 Finalists left to right Peter and Sandra with the winners Penny and Bob


2018 winners Peter and Sandra Marriott


2017 finalists - left to right John Wilson, winners Sandra and Peter Marriott, Chris Cole.


2016 finalists - Left to right David and Sue Jenkins (winners), Flo and Alan Saunders



2012 Brindle Bowl Hong Kong Pairs

Winners Roy Savage & Clive Taylor

Runners Up Kevin & Frances Riley