Len Dean Trophy

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Rules of Play


  1. The competition will take the form of a knockout
  2. Each game shall be played on the days and times scheduled; otherwise defaulting players will forfeit the game
  3. Two trial ends allowed and each player can decide for themselves how many bowls they would like (max. 2 each end)
  4. All games over 18 ends. If after 18 ends the match is drawn an extra end is played and the mat is decided by the toss of a coin. In the unlikely event it remains a draw after the extra end eg 2 woods on jack and no decision, another extra end will be played and so on until an eventual winner
  5. 1s and 2s may not visit the head. 3s may visit the head at the request of the skip. Skips may visit the head after their first wood
  6. Dead ends to be replayed
  7. Late arrival. If a player is more than 15 minutes late or advises they cannot play, the game will be awarded to their opponent. Rule 2 will apply



2019 winners - Brian Firth, Pat Marsh, Bob Craig and Ray Harris


Previous Results



2018 winners were Nigel Rushton, Bob Craig, Colin Rowling and Dave Lingard



2017 Winners were Paul Cartwright, Trevor Young, Karen Rushton and Tony Ashworth



2016 Winners were Peter Marriott, Paul Cartwright, Linda Band and Alan Saunders



2015 Winners Left to right Trevor Young, Lyn Band, Sarah Hinton and Peter Sands