Los Pastores Open Mixed Triples

This years open was cancelled due to lack of entries


A Round Robin Competition

World Bowls Rules will apply where not covered below:-

  1. Each game will consist of 8 ends or 1 hour whichever is the shorter. A bell will be rung to commence play and the jack MUST be placed before the bell is rung. The bell will be rung 5 minutes before the end. No jack must be played after the bell has rung.
    Three points will be awarded for each game won and one point for a draw. One point will also be awarded for each end won. The winners of each group will be the team with most points. In the event of a tie shot difference/count back on ends won will come into force.
  2. Toss up for the mat at the beginning of each game.
  3. No trial ends and one point only on the first end of each game.
  4. No end - jack to be placed on tee
  5. Skips not allowed to visit the head
  6. Score cards must be signed and timed by both skips and returned immediately to the competition organiser.
  7. The winners of group A will play the winners of group B in the final. The runners up of the two groups will play in the playoffs. The final and play offs will be 8 ends and not timed. If the score is level after 8 ends the ends won will count. If still level an extra will be played to decide the winner.
  8. Late arrivals. If the player/players are more than 15 minutes late or advises they cannot play the points will be awarded to their opponents.


Previous Results

The Los Pastores Open Mixed Triples Round Robin Competition was held at Cabrera Lawn Bowling Club on the 18th and 19th of April 2015. The competition is open to all the other bowling clubs in the area and is usually very well supported. The competition was in two groups with the winners of each group playing in the final on the Sunday afternoon and the runners up of each group playing each other in the playoffs for 3rd and 4th places. There were some very tight games and it all went down to the last game in the round robin format so see who would be in the final and playoffs. The winners of Group A were Brian Thompson, Rachel Thompson and Brian Hughes who played the winners of Group B, Christina Fitzgerald, John Fitzgerald and Chris Ewer. As both these two teams were from Almeria Bowling Club there was obviously a little bit of inter club rivalry. The whole competition is played over eight ends and in the final after 3 ends Brian's team were leading 3-0. Chris's team fought back but could not catch Brian's team up who eventually won the final 7-4.

Congratulations to Brian, Rachel and Brian and well done to Christina, John and Chris for getting to the final.

The playoffs were between the runners up of Group A, Sylvia Byrne, Peter Sands and Doreen Sands verses the runners up in Group B, Joyce Cartwright, Sue Sephton and John Sephton. Both these teams were from Cabrera Lawn Bowling Club so were eager to win for the pride of their club. This was a very tight game with Doreen's team taking the early lead but John's team fought back and after 4 ends were leading 4-2. Doreen's team picked up a three on the next end to lead 6-4 and led throughout the 8 ends with John's team picking up a 3 on the last end to narrowly lose 8-7. Congratulations to Doreen, Peter and Sylvia and commiserations to John, Sue and Joyce. A big thank you to Cabrera and ABC clubs for entering teams in this annual competition which is sponsored by Los Pastores Restaurant who kindly donated bottles of wine to the competition winners. Many thanks to all the supporters who had a thoroughly enjoyable weekend and thanks to Brian Saunders for umpiring the competition.

Photo - Winners Brian, Rachel and Brian from Almeria Bowling Club