Avalon Mixed Invitation 3-2-1 Tournament

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Invitation 3-2-1 Tournament Rules


  1. The competition will comprise of 6 ends of 3 wood triples, followed by 6 ends of 3 wood pairs and finally 6 ends of 3 wood singles. All players must play 2 disciplines.
  2. 1 shot only on the first end of the triples section, thereafter all shots count.
  3. No dead ends. Jack to be placed on the T
  4. No head visits and no player may remain at the head whilst their opposition bowls.
  5. The scorecard to be completed with 3 separate sections. Scoreboard to have cumulative score for all disciplines.
  6. Scoring will be 2 points for a win, 1 point for a draw in each section and an additional 2 points for an overall win, 1 point for an overall draw.8 points available for each game.
  7. The winner of each section will be determined first on points scored, followed by shot difference. If the teams are still level then it will be ends won and if it is still tied the winner will be determined by the result between the two teams in the round robin section.
  8. The scoring in the final will remain as above. If after completing the 18 ends the 2 teams are level on POINTS then the triples will play a 1 end decider.
  9. The scorecard must be maintained by the skip in the triples and pairs section.
  10. For the singles section each team MUST provide a marker. One will mark the odd numbered ends and the other the even numbered ends. The markers will have control of the scorecards for the singles section. They must not give advice to their own player during this section.
  11. The player not playing in the pairs and the one not playing or marking in the singles is a part of the team and may give advice to their player/players.
  12. One substitute will be allowed but should play in any other position other than Skip in the Triples and Pairs Any substitution must continue throughout the remainder of the competition.
  13. The organisers reserve the right to amend the programme


Previous Results



2017 winners left to right - Sheila Allen, Mary Mullen, Julie from Avalon, Tony Mullen and Reg Birmingham



There was only one team in the whole competition who won every game and were the eventual winners with a shot difference of plus 54. They were David Schofield, John Wilson, Sheila Lowe and Karen Ruston who were representing Cabrera Lawn Bowling Club.



The winning team with a shot difference of plus 92. They were Tony and Mary Mullen, Shelagh Allen and Reg Birmingham who were representing Almería Bowling Club. Many congratulations. In second place with a shot difference of plus 56 were Graham and Cath Patrick, Viv Sykes and Colin Wright again from Almería Bowling Club. Well done. In third place with a shot difference of plus 41 were John and Sue Sephton, Peter Sands and Sylvia Byrne from Cabrera Lawn Bowling Club and in fourth place with a shot difference of plus 31 were Jackie Mayhew, John Beaumont, Tony Bird and Barbra Moyniham again from Cabrera LBC.