Ted Barrett 2 Wood Yardstick

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Rules of Play

Crystal Mark 3rd Edition Rules will apply with the following exceptions

  1. Two woods singles knockout
  2. Winner is the person with the highest score after 21 ends. In the event of a tie one more end will be played and whoever is nearest to the jack wins the match even if the wood is more than a yard away from the jack.
  3. Woods over 1 yard from the jack do not score
  4. No trial ends
  5. No Firing
  6. Players to arrange date and time of their match within the date of that round (as per the competition sheet)
  7. If the match is not played within the time allotted, both entrants will be disqualified (except for illness)
  8. Players to arrange their own marker and the markers decision is final
  9. No matches to be played on club mornings or competition days
  10. In the event of bad weather stopping play the game will be played within one week
  11. Score cards are to be signed and timed by both players and handed to the competition secretary


The Ted Barrett Yardstick final was contested for the second year running by Brian Firth and Ian Jackson. As the competition implies a point is awarded for bowls within a yard of the jack. The competition is over 21 ends and the winner is the player with the most shots. Sadly for Brian Ian was on great form and the final wasn't as close as the previous years. Ian won 13-4 after only 17 ends. Many congratulations to Ian and once again commiserations to Brian.

Previous Results

2017/2018 Finalsists Brian Firth (Runner-up left) and Ian Jackson (Winner)

2016/2017 runner-up Frances Riley (left) and winner Trevor Young

2015/2016 finalists - winner Brian Firth (left) and runner up Trevor Young

2014/2015 finalists Brendan Cullen and Brian Firth