Winter Football League

2016/2017 Teams



  1. Teams must have a maximum of 5 players per team. The only restriction being that a maximum of 2 experienced skips can play in any one team. Players can play in any position.
    Normal rules of the game of bowls apply except that:-
    Where skips agree, trial ends are allowed with up to 3 woods per player in each direction. The idea of the game is to score GOALS. To score a goal your team must have THREE OR MORE bowls counting at the completion of an end. A goal is scored when one team has three shots nearest the jack i.e. 3 shots = 1 goal and 6 shots = 2 goals. 1 or 2 shots = no goal. As you can see goals can be hard to come by. You may go through the whole game picking up 1's and 2's but be beaten on the last end 1-0 by your opponent picking up 3 shots.
  2. Penalty - If a jack is knocked out of play (out of rink boundary) a penalty is conceded and the end is considered finished.
    Taking a penalty - On completion of the end following the penalty, the non-offending team removes two of the offending teams woods from the head before the result of the head is decided. If this does not leave 3 woods of the non-offending team nearer the jack then the penalty is deemed to have been saved. The offending team cannot score a goal on this end but can save a penalty. Note: 2 consecutive penalties by a team equal a goal for their opponents. If a team concedes a penalty on the 18th end an extra end is played unless it was the 2nd consecutive penalty by the same team resulting in a goal being awarded therefore concluding the match. Whoever had the mat for the 18th end retains it for the extra end.
  3. Scoring - At the end of the game the scorecard should show the result as a typical game of football i.e 0-0, 0-1, 1-0, 2-1 etc. Points will be awarded as follows:- 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and 0 points if you lose.
  4. Visiting the head - Skips will be allowed to visit the head after their first wood has been bowled.
  5. Play will start at 10:30am No show or late arrival (15 mins) will result in the game, 3 points and 2 goals being awarded to the opponents.
  6. Scorecards – it is important that scorecards are completed fully, accurately and legibly. They must also be signed by both skips and given to the Winter League Organiser. IF CARDS ARE NOT COMPLETED PROPERLY BOTH TEAMS WILL BE DEDUCTED 1 POINT
  7. Substitutes - Substitutes are allowed for genuine reasons but a team must always play at least one of the original members. If this is not possible the game is conceded and the opposition receives 3 points and 2 goals, If a substitute plays more than once for a team they become a member of that team and one of the original members must drop out. The original member who has been replaced can now play as a substitute for any other team apart from the team they were originally a member of.
    Substitutes must be marked with an 'S' by the side of their names on the score card
    Substitutes are not allowed to play as skips
    Substitutes must not be from another team who have members not playing
    Substitutes do not have to be club members but before any non-members are selected all other avenues must have been explored to the satisfaction of the organiser. Non-members can only play for one team once
    It is your responsibility to make sure you have a full team for match days and NOT THE ORGANISERS.
  8. Toss up for possession of the mat at start of play.

2015 / 2016 Results

 Pld W D L F A Pts
Leeds Wanderers 14 9 4 1 44 27 31
Chelski 14 9 3 2 37 22 30
Spurs 14 6 4 4 30 21 21
Wickham Wanderers 14 6 3 5 27 30 20
Desperados 14 4 4 6 30 34 16
Real Galaxy Rabbits 14 5 2 7 26 36 16
Mas y Mas 14 4 1 9 26 30 13
Rioja Rovers 14 1 3 10 14 35 6

Real Galaxy Rabbits and Wickham Wanderers deducted 1 point each for submitting incorrect scorecards (Week 3) – Rule 6 applies

Many congratulations to Leeds Wanderers (Brian, Ian, Janet, Sandra & Paul who replaced Peter due to ill health) for retaining the title for a second year.