Almanzara Drawn Hong Kong Pairs


Matches may be any combination of men and women

This competition is in the form of a knockout

World Bowls Rules will apply where not covered below:-

  1. Games are to be played over 18 ends – dead ends to be replayed (see 3 below). Two trial ends allowed with up to 4 bowls per person.
  2. Bowls to be played 2-4-2 format
    i.e. Let's call the members of each team A & B. On the first end player A from each team sends TWO BOWLS each alternately, just as if they were playing lead in a 4's game. All four players cross over and player B from each side bowls ALL FOUR bowls alternately, as they would in a pairs game. All players cross again and A play their LAST TWO BOWLS alternately. At the end of the end shots are decided in the normal way. Now it gets interesting!
    On the second end the same procedure is followed, however, because players B are at the jack end it is now players B who send the jack, then bowl two bowls. A's and B's change ends and players A send their four bowls etc. So players A will always deliver the jack from the same end and players B from the opposite end.
    Thus on odd ends A play Lead then Skip and on even ends B play Lead then Skip.
    This is a very interesting format as you get to play all the shots "in the book" and are not "anchored" to one role as in normal play.
    It might sound a bit complicated but it isn't. Also a lot of crossing keeps you fit and it's only twice an end instead of once in the normal format.
  3. Dead ends. No penalty is invoked.
    Dead ends are to be replayed just as in normal bowls and the two teams are to agree which direction to play. If they decide to bowl from the same direction as the end was started then no problem but if they decide to bowl from the end where the jack is (or was) both teams change so A's and B's are still leading from the same odd or even end.
    (if they cannot decide then the rule will be. If up to and including eight bowls have been delivered then they will return to the start end for that end. If more than eight bowls have been delivered then they will stay at the jack end).
  4. Late arrivals. If the player/s is/are more than 15 minutes late or advises they cannot play the game will be awarded to their opponent.
  5. Score cards are to be SIGNED and TIMED by both skips and handed in to the competition organiser.

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