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Bowls in the sun

Etiquette of Bowls

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Dress correctly for the occasion.

Compliment your opponent for a shot well played.

Offer a 'bad luck' on occasions when a well tried shot did not quite come off.

Admit your luck with grace and do not say 'well bowled' when a team members 'fluke' gets a lucky result.

Stand still when a player is on the mat, and when walking round the green not participating, be aware of the game in progress and stand still or move quickly out of the line of sight of any player about to bowl.

Remain still when at the head when a bowl is about to be delivered.

Remain behind the mat out of eye line of the player about to bowl. Do not talk or make a noise until the bowl has been released. Always remember that the person on the mat has possession of the mat until their bowl comes to rest.

Keep to your own rink. Do not wander about and distract bowlers on the other rinks. When changing ends keep to the centre of the rink.

Be aware of your shadow. Do not let it fall on the jack or in front of a bowler about to play.

Do not stand in front of rink markers/boundary pegs, numbers etc. Most bowlers use these as reference points when bowling.

Never criticise your opponents or your team. Always try to be positive and encouraging.

Pay attention to the game at all times. Be ready to bowl when it is your turn. Leave serious conversation and socialising until after the game.

When playing singles or when skip remember to pick up the mat after your opponent has played the last bowl of the end.

Make sure you are clear about the rules of the game and keep to them.

Congratulate your opponents after the game. It is always customary to offer your losing opposite number refreshment.

Help to clear away the equipment after the game.

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